Skinsperational Wisdom

Here are some helpful tips for keeping your skin healthy and getting the maximum benefits from the Saribelle Skincare products:

  • Gentle, gentle, gentle!  Be kind and gentle with your skin.  Saribelle products contain 99.9% plant based ingredients chosen specifically for sensitive skin.  The rest is up to you though!
  • Apply Saribelle products with your fingertips thinking of your skin as a rose petal, using an upward circular motion
  • Use warm water when cleansing the face and a final ice cold rinse to close your pores (that's a tip from Grandma Natalie)
  • Make sure your hands are freshly washed before using the moisturizer, mask, or spot gel.  Any dirt or oil on your fingers will get directly absorbed into you skin leading to blemishes
    • Never touch or pick at blemishes!  As tempting as it is to bother those spots, it is best to be patient and let the Saribelle products do their magic. You will be amazed at how quickly they work to reduce redness, swelling, and irritation.  In general, try not to touch your face except when applying products.
    • A soft, cotton washcloth (baby wash cloths are great) is a non irritating way to exfoliate without using harsh chemicals or acids.  Place the wash cloth under warm water and apply a few pumps of the Saribelle Marvelous Mandarin Instant Foaming Facial Cleanser.  Using small circles, gently wash your face.  Rinse the cloth under warm water and remove the soap residue.  Finish with a cold water splash to the face.  A wonderful way to freshen and smooth your complexion!